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Shine Equestrian

Short Sleeve Riding Shirts

Short Sleeve Riding Shirts

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Shine Equestrians' Short Sleeve Riding Shirts are the most elegant and gorgeous sun smart riding shirts on the market. You can now look professional and confident while enjoying the benefits of being sun smart. 

Shine Equestrian specialises in providing you with the materials that have been tried and tested in the harsh Australian climates. That is why we have provided so many fantastic features such as:

  • Compression-type material that hugs your figure and provides a gorgeous and flattering fit
  • Carefully designed and placed seams to ensure you get no uncomfortable rubbing or pinching while providing a feminism fit and showing off your curves
  • The moisture wicking and quick drying material means you can enjoy them no matter the weather 
  • An extra long design allows you to tuck your shirt in with ease and no stress of it coming untucked through the day

This gorgeous long sleeve shirts are available in 10 beautiful different colours!

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